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Silicone Taper Candle Molds

The silicone taper candle mold is a great way to create any aromatherapy candle you might need. This mold comes with a kit that includes coffee beans, wax, and sniffer. It can be used to create candles, candles with an therapeutic scent, or even molds for an easy make.

Silicone Taper Candle Molds Target

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Cheap Silicone Taper Candle Molds

This is a great silicone taper candle mold for making craft projects. The mold is made of concrete and it has a forest green color. The mold is also heat resistant and it will last with use. this is a 3d scentized candle mold made from silicone. It is designed to create a more luxurious, captivating atmosphere in your home. With its designed geometrical design, this mold makes a beautiful and captivating addition to your craftsmanship. this product is a silicone mold that casting called "yin yang" because the metal plates that make up the mold are "yin" while the metal shell that contains the wax is "yang. " the mold is also called "silicone taper" because the toy is designed to fit and taper away from the wick. This product is made of cooldown and performance friendly silicone. the silicone taper candle molds are perfect for making candles or ornaments. They are 3d modelers that can be used in a variety of industries. This product includes a 1pc model that can be used as a gift, or used to create an individual candle or ornaments.