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Gold Taper Candle Holders Wholesale

Vintage lot of 6 solid brass ribbed taper candlestick candle holders is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your décor. These holder are made of sturdy brass and are ltd. They are 6" l x 6" w x 1/2" h, and have our brand logo in half-round. They are options for errors and are perfect for any décor.

Bulk Taper Candle Holders

There are a few different ways to taper your diet, and the bulk taper candleholder is a great option if you’re short on space. 1) make a small hole in the top of the holder and insert a bulk candle. 3) use a small savory pepper or chili pepper to help light up the space. 4) add a few cloves to a popular pepper or chili pepper and add it to the taper candle. 5) use a single button or a keyhole in a small hole on the holder to add a single button or keyhole-style candle.

Brass Taper Candle Holders Bulk

This rustic seed pod candle holder is a great addition to any fallthemed room. The brass taper candleholders are easy to put together and are definitely beautiful and functional. This set of brass taper candle holders is perfect for holding single or even broken brass taper candles, or for using as a set up or presentation for a fall themed home. these candle holders are beautiful to look at and will add a touch of luxury to your tea or coffee time. The taper candle holders are handpoured in italy and are also natural so you can be sure they will not catch on fire. And they are easy to clean - just wipe them down with a cloth when you are done. This is a great add-on to your pottery ceramic candle holder. This is a large-scale product made of metal and plastic. It is composed of a pottery ceramic base with a thin layer of red gold plating, and a russe parelside. It has two taper candle holders at the front and back of the design. The taper candles can be easily extracted and placed in the holder. The holder can be customized with different or customized taper candle holders. looking for some fun and functionality in your home décor? check out our gold taper candle holders! These holders are perfect for displaying your holiday / christmas items, and are also a great addition for any home décor. Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your home décor or just look pretty, these holders will do the job!