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Colored Taper Candles Bulk

This is a bulk purchase, so add it to your cart now and receive discounts and free shipping! Add a touch of color to your indoors and outdoors spaces with these unisex colored taper candles. The 8 hour burn time means that you'll be able to enjoy your candles for hours on end.

Best Colored Taper Candles Bulk

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Cheap Colored Taper Candles Bulk

This group of colored taper candles is perfect for any birthday party or ritual. Each candle is assorted and makes a great addition to your ritual space. thesecolored taper candles are a great option if you're looking for candles that will colors in your home with great color and parsimony of resources. They offer 24 different unscented wax candles that can beörg with an assortments of other color candles. They offer 15 hours of burn time, so you can enjoy your candles for a long time. these colored taper candles are perfect for any magic ceremony. They look great as part of a spell or as part of the décor. They are all delivered in a bulk purchase so you can buy them all at once and save on your expensive shipping. this 6 taper candles bulk will include 10 colors of colored taper candles, made with ground witch hazel, jasmine, and lavender. These candles are an excellent addition to any wicca or witchy spell, because they are light and easy to hold.