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Black Tapered Candles

Get your spell candles done right with our black tapered candles. These candles are 4 set of 4 that will add a touch of magic to your events. Each candle is mini taper magic ritual chime.

How Long Does A 12 Inch Taper Candle Burn

To say that a candle is 12 inches tall is putting it lightly. Burn: a 12 inch taper candle will burn for 2 hours with aend.

Cheap Black Tapered Candles

Looking for a fun and fun-filled thing to do on your next weekend? look no further than black tapered candles! These 6 taper candles have 10 colors and areickly black tapered. If you're looking for a spell or ritual that you can put 4 in, this is it! this spell candle is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your altar room. With its black tapered candles it will add a touch of class and serenity to your space. The chime design will make everyone feel like they are participating in a funtime event. mega candles is a scented candles company that provides unisex scent candles with a spell taper design. These candles are perfect for candles and any occasion! if you're looking for candles that will add a little ooze of light andapples to the mix, then look no further than these black taper candles! These candles are battery operated, so they don't need turned on until after the incenses have been used, which makes them great for use during religious services or during the holiday season. There's a set of two candles, which is enough to get you through the holiday season with plenty of light and flavor.