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36 Inch Taper Candles

This 36 inch taper candles set is perfect for any occasion! Whether you're looking to celebrate your wedding dinner or enjoy a 12 inch candle all the time, this set of 36 candles will make sure you get your message across.

Top 10 36 Inch Taper Candles

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36 Inch Taper Candles Amazon

This 36-inch taper candle chandelier is made ofovery materials and is made of brass. It is finished in white motivo 8-light 36w taper candle chandelier. this 36 inch taper candles set is perfect for any special occasion. With its light blue color and comfortable fit, this set will make your event feel like a dream. Plus, the easy to hold handle makes it easy to control. this 8-light 36w taper candle chandelier is a beautiful cyan design product. It is made of materials that are both durable and beautiful. The chandelier is perfect for any room with a romantic atmosphere.